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Catholic Defilement

Sister Marina is found chained inside of a suspended cage, rosary beads hanging from her asshole. A ball gag secured in her mouth. Shes nude save for the upper portion of her habit. Her neck is locked in the upper portion of the cage while her bare ass rest on the cold steel bar beneath her. The rosary beads hanging between the bars from her shit hole.

Water Torment

The power is increased and she becomes audible. The power set to rise and fall in waves of intensity. And when the wave rises to its pinnacle so does Sister Marina. A desperate, pleading sound coming from her. Brother JR comes back out and has her kiss the crucifix and then tosses Holy Water up on her. Which apparently burned judging from her reaction.

First BDSM Experience

Celeste starts her day sitting in the new jail cell. She is made to get out of the tiny cell and make her way to the center of the room. There she is affixed to a small post in the floor. She is secured by the collar around her neck. She is in a tough position and so the interview begins.

Ebony Bondage Gagger

Fucker I want to cum NOW!...And I was still pumping that dildo. I could feel her pussy grabbing it. Locking onto it. She continued screaming, took another giant breath and screamed some more. And when this orgasm was over she had tears running down both sides of her face

Chain link Torment

Magik starts her day off in a little device we like to call the Head Orifice. This left her on her knees and in a rather discomforting position. Adding a large ring gag and a painful cupping set to her breasts helped flesh out Magiks distress and humiliation.

Spread Eagle Torment

She laughs out loud. She is really starts to get the fence swinging now as she bucks around, snorting and laughing. Then I suddenly switch from tickling her to caning her ass. Then both at the same time. And now she is beyond her limit. Later we find Magik in a hogtie. A big red ball gag in her face hole.

Bondage Flogging

Luna first finds herself presented with a clear cage barely big enough for her to climb into. Once inside the cage is suspended and swung as we watch her change into a latex shirt and clear stiletto heels. Her tits are so big she cannot get the latex shirt to stretch over her giant globes.

Gagged and Messy

She asks to cum. Denied. She gets electrodes attached to her nipples. When she feels the electricity in them she audibly gasps. The Hitachi is placed on her cunt and she quickly ask permission to cum. She is allowed several orgasms before being told to lie down on the floor next to the huge wet spot she has made.

Pussy Spanking

Her one leg being drawn up to the ceiling at the ankle and upper thigh. Another rope goes around her chest and brings her upper thigh binding closer to her upper body constricting her. I spank that pussy with the thumper. Then her ass. The inside of her thighs are next followed by the area immediately around her cunt.

Bad Girl Transformation

Magik starts her day off in a little device we like to call the Head Orifice. This left her on her knees and in a rather discomforting position. Adding a large ring gag and a painful cupping set to her breasts helped flesh out Magiks distress and humiliation. Her breasts growing purple as the cylinders bounced around on her tits.

Perverted mind Bondage

She barely can move and then Angel has her start shaking her tail for us. She has Elizabeth face fuck her cunt wearing the ball gag and tell her how sweet it smells. Something is mentioned about fish before Angel grabs her by the back of the head and tells her to fuck her pussy with the ball and massage her clit with her nose

Extreme Winter Bondage

Now we find Elizabeth in the Objectification Chair. A large rubber posture collar about her neck. Her nipples are tied off to the ceiling and a large ball gag is buckled into her face hole. While her body is splayed out in the chair a Hitachi is positioned on her cunt.

Caned and Marked

And when the Word was finally swallowed another page of I Corinthians was ripped from the bible, used to wipe her pussy juice from her seeping cunt and then that was used to wipe her juice all over her face. Sunday school is now over. We now find Sister Marina strung up by the neck, her elbows tied closely together behind her back. She is wearing.

In the Vacuum Bed

19 year old Penelope has never been tied up or gagged...she looks very nervous. Nervous laughter as she uses both hands to grab the rope stretching away from her neck. I start flogging her tits for the first time and we learn the real reason why she came in today. She is getting her ass flogged. Hard for a first timer. I brought a Hitachi...her pussy has never had a vibrator touch it before

Bondage Cocksucker

We learn a great many things about Celestes sexual background before finally sticking a ball gag in her mouth and whipping her ass. Celeste is next found worshipping Luther with her elbows and wrists brought together behind her back. It did not take any time at all for the situation to get messy.

Tied and Stimulated

Kelly starts her only scene sitting with her shirt and bra pulled up. She is tied with her legs spread as wide as possible with her big toes tied off. Her elbows and wrists are bound behind her as closely as she can stand. Her wrists are then pulled up to the ceiling while her nipples are tied off to the floor in front of her.

Blowjob and Hogtied

Her breasts growing increasingly purple as the cylinders bounced around on her tits. I walk in behind her and grab the vaginal stimulator and stuff it into her cunt. I crank it up to the point of unbearable, she loves it

Bondage Suspension

A big red ball gag in her face hole. I attempt to add some labia clamps but her pussy is so wet and so messy that they just slide off. She is doing a lot of moving around but not really going anywhere and the ball gag stretching her face hole open. It does not take long for her to ask for permission to cum

Intense Caning Torment

She entertains us with a little peep show as her cage fogs up and gets swung again. Next Luna finds herself being placed into a strappado. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles and she has copper sheets placed beneath her feet. A microphone is placed near her neck that controls the electricity running into the copper.

Bijous Bondage Party

Bijou gets started in a strappado in the middle of the floor. After getting her chest harness on, elbows and wrists tied together and her legs spread out I tied a rope around her neck and secured it to the floor. I popped the Hitachi onto her cunt real fast and she immediately started to beg me for release.

Bondage Fisting Sensation

When Elizabeth shows up Angel immediately undresses her. As the Hitachi works her over Angel keeps a hand over her mouth and nose until Elizabeth is like a fish out of water. Gasping for breath she does not know whether to worry or cum. And just as Elizabeth yells out she is cumming Angel takes her breath away once more.

Bound Suffering Angel

34 year old Wednesday is back with Lord Marcus. Right away she is bound in the Objectification Chair with her wrists secured to the cross as Marcus cuts away her dress to reveal her giant tits. Marcus then binds her thighs to the chair before taking a pinwheel and running it over her breasts and clit.

Bondage Stick Fuck

Elizabeth is placed into a strict hogtie and carried outside into the 22 degree temperature and placed onto a solid sheet of ice. Snow is piled on her back and shoved in her face. She immediately begins to scream and plead for mercy. She curses and screams and she is absolutely incessant with the begging.

Suspension Orgasm

It does not take long before I am tying her elbows and wrists together while she is still locked into her bent over position. Her wrists and elbows brought up high to the chain that has her neck locked into place. © Tjeezers 2003-2010